At AMSC We pride ourselves to never “chase” anyone away, as such we have worked long and hard to foster good relationships with as many competitors from various facets of the Motorsport fraternity.

Due to this we are home to various Facets all of which cater for a vast array of motor vehicles from two to four wheels, front, rear and all wheel drive, heading either forwards sideways and sometimes backwards.

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Drag Racing

The Drag Racing at AMSC has a long history and over the years has always been solidly supported by both two wheeled as well as four wheeled enthusiasts alike.

Historics & Classics

Algoa Motorsport Club is home to many a brand loyal petrol head, none more loyal than those driving the self-same cars they were driven to school in, a 1971 Ford Escort


After a long slump in the Motorcycle Facet where sometimes races were very poorly supported and attended, Ross Guscott led a resurgence in the facet…

Regional Saloons

The Regional Modified Saloons Class has come from strength to strength over the past 3-4 years. Just a couple of years ago the class fielded just 5 or 6 cars lining up on the grid…


Spinning really is a fast paced sport rapidly gaining traction around the country. As such AMSC decided to create an spinning bowl in order to once again bring this form of Motorsport

Streetcar Challenge

An entry level circuit racing category for licensed and roadworthy motor vehicles, geared towards encouraging new drivers to partake in circuit racing in the cheapest possible manner.

Open Tops

Sports and GT’s are generally known as “Open Top Sports Cars” Comprising of : Lotus 7 & 23 cars , Harper Sports Cars , Sports 2000 , Shelby Can Am, Nardini , Lola , Ariel Atom ,Nash Cars