Coastal Challenge

Nostalgia -noun-

-a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

Most South Africans grew up in a brand loyal family, with a father passionate about “his” brand, we remember what car he drove, which cars he loved and aspired to owning, which he despised. Many of us grew up with the same loyalties…

Algoa Motorsport Club is home to many a brand loyal petrol head, none more loyal than those driving the self-same cars they were driven to school in, a 1971 Ford Escort; a ’74 Berlina; a ’70 Datsun 1200, the 1100cc Anglia or BMW 2002 and so forth. Historic motor racing is home to these vehicles.

Our Racers

Our racers are generally of a gentlemanly disposition coloured with a deep competitive streak, every single race is driven at 10/10ths , with no quarter asked or given, but respect for fellow drivers is never ignored. Camaraderie in the paddock is superb, where friendly banter and selfless assistance abounds.

Most people not only recognise these historic beauties we race, but identify with them too. That is what makes Historic motor racing so successful, the nostalgia brings us closer together.

Come experience some of this nostalgic era of South African motorsport in your own back yard, it’s better than you remember…

Contact class representative

Rane Berry
082 928 5031