Drag Racing at AMSC

The Drag Racing at AMSC has a long history and over the years has always been solidly supported by both two wheeled as well as four wheeled enthusiasts alike.

We are very proud to run two forms of Drag Racing at Aldo Scribante, both of which take place down our main straight from the same Staging Area.

  1. Legal to Illegal Drags – “Come with what you’ve got, leave with what you get” is the motto among these competitors who battle it out among one another on the last Thursday of every month (weather dependent). This form of Drag Racing was created in order to get drag racing off of the streets of Port Elizabeth and to provide competitors a safe environment in which to practice their passion. This also serves as a “Breeding Ground” for drag racers to start competing in the MSA Timed battles for top class honors.
  2. MSA Timed Drags – The timed drags are where the buck stops, here the timing system ensures that Jump Starts are not accepted and each competitor and their vehicle need to be on peak mental and physical form. Races can be won or lost based on reaction times alone and thus this is a well supported formula which is taken very seriously.