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After a long slump in the Motorcycle Facet where sometimes races were very poorly supported and attended, Ross Guscott led a resurgence in the facet bringing back a myriad of riders from across the spectrum making the Bike Classes a force to be reckoned with.

“We welcome fair competition in the spirit of motorsport “

Among all of us at the AMSC we welcome fair competition in the spirit of motorsport and credit where it’s due, these “bikers” have pulled out all of the stops, the gents and ladies are on top form and support every race meeting as well as they possibly can. They have a comradery second to none both on and off of the track.

It is an absolute treat to see the bikes out doing their thing and their numbers have become such that they’re the first class to have been split in the interest of safety due to the sheer number of competitors and various different bikes on display.

Contact class representative

Malcolm Burrows – Representative
082 926 8854

Richard Hawkins – Deputy
084 601 6011