Street Car Challenge

Entry level circuit racing category


An entry level circuit racing category for licensed and roadworthy motor vehicles, geared towards encouraging new drivers to partake in circuit racing in the cheapest possible manner.


To provide a genuine experience to new drivers who wish to sample circuit racing, but do not yet have a race car, knowledge or race driving experience and/or skills.


  1. Classes. All entrants are grouped into one class, irrespective of driver skill and vehicle performance.
  2. Index of Performance. Because of the mixed nature of the class, the start is handicapped based on lap times, which in theory should see all drivers cross the finish time at exactly the same time.
  3. How Often. The challenge is part of every club and regional race event hosted by AMSC, for the 2015 calendar year this means 8 race days.
  4. Race Format. All entrants line up at the start line from slowest to fastest and are released from the start line based on their handicap. This ensures that during the course of the race no driver is ever “alone” on the track and makes for a more enjoyable experience. In theory all the drivers should cross the line at exactly the same time if they drive consistently.

Conditions of Entry and Competing:


  • This series is not open to dedicated race cars.
  • The car must be road legal and licensed.
  • Slick racing tyres are prohibited unless special permission is granted.
  • Roll cages may be fitted (removable type or permanent), provided that if they are permanent fittings that they conform to the safety regulations as outlined by Motorsport South Africa (MSA).
  • Circuit harnesses are optional, but if used must meet the necessary criteria for mounting and safety as outlined by (MSA).
  • Drivers who do not have any form of roll cage and/or harnesses will be required to sign indemnity forms before they will be allowed to pass through scrutineering.


  • Race specific safety clothing is not required; however every driver must wear long pants (preferbly jeans), socks, closed shoes (no flops or sandles are permitted), a long sleeve top is required together with gloves and a helmet meeting SABS standards.
  • All competitors must hold a valid RSA drivers license, join the club as a street car member (R360 for 2015) and purchase a MSA club level license (+-R1000 for 2015) as required by the rules governing motor sport in South Africa.
  • One of the risks inherent in introducing ‘green’ drivers to the category, is a lack of knowledge of flags, circuit rules, racing line and how to overtake or be overtaken safely. Besides being obliged to familiarise themselves the White Book and General Supplementary Regulations (GCRs) content provided when purchasing you MSA license, it is important that the cognisance of the driver is checked for knowledge about the essentials.
  • Since there will be speed differentials and overtaking during the course of a race, it is to be impressed on drivers that slower cars have the right to the racing line. The onus is on the faster driver to safely overtake either in an area without a solid line, or on the straight or when safe to do so. ‘Red Mist’ driving and inconsiderate track etiquette will be dealt with severely by the Clerk of the Course on race day.

Contact class representative

Tom Hugo
083 785 9495